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The Reverend John Bomberger arrived in Wheeling steeped in the current trends of Christian education. At his insistence, St. Matthew's became involved in the Ohio County Council on Religious Education. As such, the church became a sponsor of the weekday religious education program and provided classroom space for the public school release-time program. By 1929, he was authorized to hire the church's first director for religious education, Mrs. Mildred Brown, from Wellesley, Mass. Emphasis was also placed on the youth programs which were now attracting as many as 50 young people at the meeting.

The music program was also enhanced during this period, and the Vestry provided summer camp for the choirboys, which rewarded them for regular participation. Unfortunately, economic depression and war thwarted some of the rector's plans. Indeed, his stabilizing influence was needed more than ever.

After 1931, church income diminished drastically. The music program was slashed, and the budget for all services of the church was reduced. The St. Andrew's Church in south Wheeling had been closed and merged with St. Matthew's. The Echo Point program was faltering and the building at Warwood was sold. While St. Matthew's Church continued to meet the responsibilities to the diocese, the parish program continued to show the strains of monetary exigency.

The financial outlook improved after 1938. Many deferred maintenance projects were scheduled. The trustees reported that the endowment funds now totaled $51,000. It was suggested that they lend funds to the parish to make some necessary repairs. They also offered $25 a month to support Sunday school staffing needs at Echo Point.

Weekly Services

5:00 pm – St. John’s Chapel, Heiskell Ave

8:00am – St. Matthew’s, 1410 Chapline Street
10:30 am – St. Matthew’s, 1410 Chapline Street

12:05 pm – St. Elizabeth’s Chapel, 1410 Chapline Street

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St. Matthew's Episcopal Church
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