St. Matthew's Episcopal Church
in Wheeling WV

This was a period of growth and stability for St. Matthew's parish. Wheeling was growing, and the city was rapidly becoming an industrial center. The consecration of Bishop Peterkin in Wheeling gave St. Matthew's a sense of being the bishop's church. The success of St. Luke's on Wheeling Island fostered the parish's acceptance of mission responsibility for the area. Immediately after Rev. Dr. Swope's arrival, a plan was set in motion to eliminate the long-standing debt on the church. By the fall of 1888, the debt was liquidated, and St. Matthew's congregation was ready to celebrate.

November 1, 1888, All Saints' Day, was set for the consecration of St. Matthew's Church to the worship of Almighty God. The Reverend Thomas G. Addison, D.D., of Washington, D.C., who laid the foundation stone of the building during his rectorship at Wheeling, was invited to preach on the occasion. Leading the celebration was the consecrator, W. Virginia's first bishop, George W. Peterkin.

Weekly Services

5:00 pm – St. John’s Chapel, Heiskell Ave

8:00am – St. Matthew’s, 1410 Chapline Street
10:30 am – St. Matthew’s, 1410 Chapline Street

12:05 pm – St. Elizabeth’s Chapel, 1410 Chapline Street

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St. Matthew's Episcopal Church
1410 Chapline Street
Wheeling, WV 26003
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