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A very significant and historical privilege was bestowed upon the Episcopal Diocese of W. Virginia and St. Matthew's parish in 1966. Early that year, the Right Reverend Wilburn C. Campbell informed Rev. Mr. Bush that the House of Bishops of North America had accepted Bishop Campbell's invitation to hold their 1966 meeting in W. Virginia. Although The Greenbrier hotel at White Sulphur Springs had been the first choice of sites, upon further consideration Oglebay Park seemed far more appropriate. Bishop Campbell asked Rev. Mr. Bush to assume the responsibilities of hosting the meeting. The rector called upon a vestryman, John R. Williams, and his wife to take over as general chairmen of arrangements.

A large corps of volunteers from among Wheeling-area Episcopalians was recruited and assigned specific responsibilities such as travel, local transportation, housing, communications, meals, recreation, bar meeting facilities, press room, acolytes, pages, altar guilds and entertainment. More than 200 bishops and their wives from the United States and Canada, along with national staff members from the New York City headquarters, members of the Associated Press and United Press International wire services, and other print media correspondents and television/radio reporters, descended upon Oglebay for one week in October 1966.

Bishop James Pike of San Francisco was under attack on charges of heresy made by Bishop Lautic of Florida and national attention was focused on the possible action by the House of Bishops.

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